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From: Alan Tan
Location: Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Subject: STOP! Do NOT Invest in Stock Market Until You Have Read This Book and You Might Save Thousands of Ringgit!


uption_01How to Make MONEY in Stocks

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Dear Aspiring Stock Market Investor,

Do you ask ….

“Is Stock Market Investment Risky?”

“How Do I Choose The Right Stock To Buy?”

“How To Trade Stocks?”

“I Don’t Know Much About Stocks And The Market?”

“Tired Of Low Interest Rates In Your Current Investments?”

“Why Am I Keep Losing Money?”

“What Are Some Common Investing Mistakes I Should Avoid?”

“How Do I Apply For Initial Public Offering (IPO)?”

“How Do I Able To Build A Secure Financial Future For My Family And Myself?”

If you find yourself asking some of the questions above, you are at the right place as we got the answers.

Do you know there is a better way of investing your money for high return instead of putting it in Fixed Deposit?

NOW it is Possible to Get High Return by Investing in Bursa Malaysia stocks!

Have you ever wondered what Warren Buffett, Peter Lynch and Sir John Templeton, have in common?

That’s right, they are all great investors.

In order to be like them, you should learn how to make money and invest them wisely.

Almost all self-made millionaires use the power of investing to build and increase their net worth.

You HAVE to invest otherwise your savings will depreciate in value and purchasing power.

No one is born knowing how to save or to invest. While money does not grow on trees, it can grow when you save and invest wisely.

You do not have to be a genius to do it.

You just need to know a few basics, form a plan, and be discipline to stick to it.

You would be surprise to know how investing with little money can amount to a comfortable retirement savings…as long you Start Today!

This book is writing in plain English with minimum of technical jargon.

It is also easy to understand as it contains many real life local companies as an examples.

It will walk you through the basics on how the financial markets operate, foundation needed for an individual to become a successful investor, how to make better informed investment decisions and better diversification in your portfolios (investing in stocks as an option to Savings, Unit Trust And Investment-Linked Insurance).

You cannot solely depend on other people when comes to retirement.

Whether you like it or not, you must take control of your own financial freedom.

If you ever wanted to get started in investing in stocks but do not know how or where to begin or clueless about the stock market, this book was written for YOU!

How to Make Money in Stocks is for anyone new to investing in the stock market, who is looking for a trusted and comprehensive reference to make sure their investments grow and become a financial success in the stock market today!

Investing is risky but NOT investing is even riskier!

This book will make complex things simple for you and reveals:

  • How to be a savvy investor and make the stock market work for you.
  • How the markets operate so you can decide for yourself whether you want to participate
  • Types and Classes of Stocks
  • Minimum Investments Requirement and How to open a brokerage account to begin investing today
  • Familiarize you with the basic rules and mechanics of stock investment
  • Powerful trading psychology that every investor must follow for big profits and avoid big losses.
  • How To Choose a Good Remisier
  • How to apply and profit from an Initial Public Offering (IPO)
  • Why so many people avoid and lose money in investing
  • Easy to read step by step guide on trading procedures
  • How to make PROFIT even the price move up JUST one tick!
  • Introduction to Fundamental and Technical Analysis
  • How to read and interpret information that displayed on annual report, newspaper, online trading platform, Bursa Trade System (BTS) etc
  • How To Develop A Profitable Trading Mindset to ensure trading success.
  • How to Maximize your returns and minimize the risk.
  • How to compute the Investment Return using a simple formula
  • How to play Dividend stocks
  • The main differences between Direct CDS and Nominees CDS account
  • An exclusive interview with Fund Manager, Remisier, Top Stock Market Investors, Financial Planner and Traders who shares their time tested investment principles, advice and strategies that work!

The first investment you make is in yourself!

It contains down-to-earth tips and strategies on profiting from stock market. This book is specially written to get you started in stock investing instantly.

“We were not taught financial literacy in school.
It takes a lot of work and time to change your thinking and to become financially literate.”~Robert Kiyosaki

This Book is Suitable for:

  • Stock Market Beginners
  • Seasoned Stock Market Investors

This book is also aims to educate and encourage more young Malaysians to know more about corporate world, raise the level of financial literacy among retail investors and how to invest wisely.

YES! I Wish to Create Wealth in the Stock Market!


How to Make MONEY in Stocks

*** Warning: If you’re just looking for a get-rich-quick-scheme, this isn’t right for you.

*** This book is Specially tailored for Beginners who want an Introduction on Stock Market



milan“Alan Tan has written a very comprehensive and up-to-date book about trading in Malaysia Stock Market. It is very informative as it contains many useful information. Many readers can relate to it especially beginners.

This is a Kuala Lumpur Stock Exchange (KLSE) encyclopedia or desk reference that every new trader to the KLSE should have. A must read for every investor!”

Milan Doshi,

Property/stock market guru, seasoned speaker and best-selling author, of How You Can Become a Multi-Millionaire Real Estate Investor!



“If you have never ever bought any shares or applied for an Initial Public Offer (IPO) before, then this will be a must read book for you. Alan has done a wonderful job to guide newbies how to go about investing in Malaysian stocks.”

Martin Wong,

Private investor, trader and best-selling author of SuperCharge Your Investing Approach for Big Profits,


Alex pic

“I found this book very easy to read and understand. This book provides invaluable insight and introduction for all players in the stock market.

I highly recommend this book and believe it is a great read for anyone who is interested in investing.”

Alex Lu,
Remisier PochtaBrut описание. взлом почтовых ящиков